Black Majik Acid

by Black Majik Acid

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Black Majik Acid Demo.

Album cover art by Black Majik Acid and Rotting Graphics

All other song/album art & photography by Black Majik Acid with exception of ''High Priestess'.

These songs were recorded using minimal and unconventional recording equipment, techniques,and software.
All audio drum tracks were recorded with a Flipshare camera. All guitar, bass, and vocal tracks were recorded using a handheld Sanyo digital recording device.
The tracks were mixed and mastered using Windows Moviemaker software.


released July 6, 2013

all songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Black Majik Acid @ Beneath the Underworld Studios



all rights reserved


Black Majik Acid

Black Majik Acid offer up a delicious selection of raw retro riffage that satisfies on every level - definite evil edge to the riffs, that live jam feel and 'in your loungeroom' drum sound, and reverb laden vocals that weave in and out of the mix. No filler in sight here, 6 tracks of awesome. Best played loud -Hand of Doom Radio ... more

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Track Name: Charge of the Witch Goddess
Beauty of the green earth
White moon among the stars.
Mysteries of the waters
Life giver universe.

Call upon come unto me
Rising mystery.
From this all things proceed
Unto it all return.

You seek and yearn.
Will it avail you naught?
Unknowing mystery.

As you find not within
You'll never find without.
Ensuing fear begin.

Seeing beyond all bounds of infinity
Drawing down demons from stars.
Harnessing shadows that stride from all worlds
Who sow death and madness from beyond.

Behold all pleasure-
Her ritual
Reverent soul of nature
Calling all to rebirth.

Call upon-come unto me
Rising mystery.
From this all things proceed
Unto it all return
Track Name: Ocular Terror
Black fills my mind's eye
from without space and time.
Gloom woven stench of death.
Black spirit hold my mind possessed.

Witched soul-darkest of sight.
Black horse-driven absinth of life.
Dragon hunt for an eternity.
Enmeshed in all blackened effigy.

Blind to the unlight in me
To promises of a light none will ever see.
Spawning from darkness above the sky
Spirit of evil arise.

Purging my eyes with ruin.
Terrorism ensuing.
Cleansing the witch-hunter souls of old.
I; witched evil doer-torturer of their souls.

Given wings unto deadened eyes.
Closing in black clouds from an ancient sky.
Belching vapor-dark and gloom.
Black grows my unsated lust anew
Track Name: High Priestess
Invoking I call upon thee
Bringer of divine.
Of fruitfulness by seed and root,
By bud and stem of vine.
Descend upon the new high priestess
Servant of the dawn.
From Alma Theon Horn pour forth
Thy store of love I long.

Drawing Down the moon, cast the sun’s rebirth to call.

Spell of love cast upon Death
By beauty few have known.
Was such death fell before her feet
To kiss them from below.
Mysteries were soon revealed,
Majik spells were shown.
A cheating of one’s death by beauty
Only of her own.

Drawing down the moon cast the suns rebirth to call

So low I bend before whom I
Adore unto the end.
In loving sacrifice thy shrine
Adorned with love I send.
Thy foot unto my lip my prayers
Uprising from the throne.
Incense ascends in love to whom
Without I am forlorn

Drawing down the moon cast the suns rebirth to call
Drawing down the moon cast the suns rebirth to call
Track Name: Fire Ritual
Your sacred tree your secrets from within.
Your seven planes from fallen stag and stem.
Your burning sight and brilliant ray.
The darkened light of the eighth moon phase.

Uprising of your energy.
Abundance of your fire.
Smoke of colored etheric ritual rise
Ever higher-ever higher.

Rise fire ritual rise
Reveal the foremost one.
Solar god of an ancient pyre
Unveil the cold face of the sun.

Knower of all creation-
Resplendent with gold flame.
Destruct-or of all impurities-
I call upon your name Samhain.

Rise fire ritual rise-
Reveal the foremost one.
Solar god of an ancient pyre
Unveil the cold face of the sun.
Track Name: Chaos Sphere
Lost my mind
Chaosphere wrought me blind.
Can't move cant see.
Baphomet set me free.

No life-the undead
Madness within my head.
Octipoid -unseen
Godhead lord of dreams.

(spell weave)

Grinning skull- upraised scythe.
Create anew- kill again.
Death stares, cold flesh.
Aspects of sex and death.

Chaostic consciousness
Ravins for omniscience.
Rays of majik Chaosphere.
Invoked Eros appear.

(spell weave)

Strange manifestations
Materialistic visions
Ever lurking the frontiers of order
Invoke initiation.

Old ones manifest in death
Through gateways of trance and madness
Into lonely places
Entangled in consciousness.

Chaos sphere. Chaos.